Dreaming Songs

by Nicholas Breeze Wood

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Oracles are part of the ancient shamanic heritage of humanity, and there are many different oracle traditions found across the world, in many different cultures. The songs offered here were prepared for a small group of practitioners in West Wales who were exploring ways to deepen their own oracle practice.
During these sessions, one person would act as the oracle, seeking to answer a question asked by someone else (generally this question was kept secret from the oracle).
Before the oracle gave their answer to the question, a song would be sung to ‘open the gates of the dream’, so that the oracle could prepare themselves and enter into a light trance. The songs ended when the singer felt that the gate of the dream had opened, and would then continue to drum for a while longer to allow the oracle to speak while still in a trance state. The oracle would speak about whatever they felt or saw, or were told, as it happened, without censorship, even if what they were saying made no sense to them as they said it. A third person would record this ‘stream of information’.
Once the oracle had stopped talking, the singer would stop drumming and the participants would examine the oracle’s answer to the ‘secret’ question. At this point the question was generally shared with the oracle as it was part of the process of learning about the method.
This recording allows you to do the same process. If you are the oracle, try to be as relaxed as possible, and do any ceremonial preparation you feel you need to get you into the role. You may or may not know the question asked, but often it is better not to know it, as it is less easy to construct meaningful answers that way. Have someone record or write your answer down as you say it, and speak as truthfully as you are able without censorship. The more you do this ceremony the greater the ease you will have in letting the gates of the dream open, and the messages come through you; remember it is not the oracle who gives the answer, they merely provide the voice.


released January 1, 2005

Nicholas Breeze Wood: voice and shamanic frame drum



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Nicholas Breeze Wood UK

Multi instrumentalist singer-songwriter drawing on rock, Arabic and Medieval music, using instruments from all those traditions

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