Love of a Land Far Away: Recordings 1989​-​92 - Volume 1

by Nicholas Breeze Wood

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A collection of vintage recordings. Recorded between 1989 and 1992, on a simple 4-track cassette ports-studio.

All pieces arranged and performed by Nicholas Breeze Wood

Nicholas Breeze Wood:
medieval lute • medieval plucked psaltery • medieval harp • mandola • guitarra morisca • sinfonye • gusla • gittern • medieval tabor and long drum • timbrel • bells • tambourines and frame drums • six hole pipes, recorders and bagpipe chanter

All pieces written by Nicholas Wood, except:

All pieces written by Nicholas Wood except:

Como Poden (Anon - C13th Spanish from the Cantigas de Santa Maria)
Dance Royale (Anon - C13th French)
I see no More (Music: Nicholas Breeze Wood - Worlds: Bernart d’ Ventadorn C13th)


released August 4, 2014


all rights reserved



Nicholas Breeze Wood UK

Multi instrumentalist singer-songwriter drawing on rock, Arabic and Medieval music, using instruments from all those traditions

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Track Name: Words
With you, the song of life is full,
With you, the dance can be of grace and ease.
Touching’s not always an easy thing to do,
Oh but, touching can be joyfulness indeed.
You, companion, are a dear friend to me,
I miss your voice, when you are away.
Joy fills me when you have returned,
Eager, I long, for that day.

Sentiment, is so very easily over done,
Too much a tool to use and throw away
Words are not the deeds we show the world,
They are often, after all, only what we say.
These then need be how I live my life,
I offer you the friendship of my hand.
Both joy and pain is in the cup we drink,
Both hard and soft, the place, we choice to stand.
Track Name: Born For This Moment
Born for this moment,
Each is built upon the last.
Since I’m here now,
I must have survived the past.
All life has brought me to this moment,
Now and here.
Coupled with destiny,
I live, as the future draws near.

Tomorrow’s just illusion,
An escape, from the life of today.
Tomorrow’s not decided,
Many choices will come our way.
Born for this moment,
Not the next one, or the last.
Since we’re here now,
We all must have survived our past.
Track Name: Aurenga
Go further in, and go higher up,
To the depth of a life
Where there’s always enough.
Standing together, and standing oh alone,
In the garden of beauty
We share the same home.
In the garden of beauty
We share the same home.

Oh the circle is turning,
I remember all the times,
When the chief joy of living
Was to be by your side,
Oh we tread the green earth
And we shared the same plan,
Still neath the orange trees,
Woman and man.
Still neath the orange trees,
Woman and man.

Of the life I remember
And the journeys that we made,
Now only the dream
And the purpose remains.
Though I left before you,
We both left in pain,
But we carry all those
Seeds of reunions again.
But we carry all those
Seeds of reunions again.
Track Name: Oceans

She had a friend who told her
There were many ways to the sea
Named a few and went away
But left no direction or key
Then he came a long and tamed her
Like a fox and a prince in a tale
And the flimsy paper wings she’s made
He turned into a sail

He said it’s madness to live in a Palace
Keeping safely back from the doors
And he pulled and he pushed till she emerged,
All be it on all fours
He said it’s alright to paint that palace though
Because you keep it in your head
But why walk beneath a painted sky
When there’s a real one instead

And he showed her a faded postcard
Of the blue sea stretching out
And on the back in yellowed letters
‘Don’t let your dreams turn to doubt’

She put shutters on her windows
And locked up all of her doors
And left her toys and trinkets
Lying all over her floors
And took his hand and followed
Although they did not know the way
And walked in worlds of beauty
Without the words to say

And the sea is sometimes closer
And sometimes far away
But the travellers keep travelling
Ever hopeful for each day
And now she’s doing paintings
Of the sea they’re searching for
And one day soon they’ll reach it
And will walk upon it’s shore

Yesterday, she lived in a palace
She was content to let things be
Then he came a long and found her
Now they’re walking to the sea
Track Name: I See No More
I see no more the shining sun
Its rays are dark, it seems to me
Yet by dismay I am not undone
For in my heart is clarity
Of love itself, now in my shining
And while in fear some are declining
I finger grow, lo less admit
My song grows too, no doubt of it

I fear the thoughts of wicked men
Through them the world decays and dies
They’re gathering to themselves again
Exchanging all thier wicked lies
On loves ideal they wish destruction
Oh evil ones, your false instruction
Believed by some misguided men
Will be by god disowned again

(first verse in original language)

Ara No luzier Solelh
Ta me son esqurit li ray
E ges per aisso no•m esmai
C’una clarditz me solelha
D’amor, quins el cor me raya
E, can autra gens s asmaya
Eu melhur enams que sondei
Per que mos chans no sordeya
Track Name: For What It's Worth
Such as it is,
This is the most wonderful time to be alive,
This is a time of great beauty and great joy.
This is also a time also of great suffering and great tragedy
All things are balance, the forked stick,
Both sides come from the same stem.

I look around and see the Great Hoop.
And know that all’s there.
To the left of me, to the right of me,
Beneath me and above me,
In front of me and behind me,
All around me is this great circle of life.
Life forever reaching out,
Touching always all things.
There are many worlds.
This is a time of beauty.

Make no mistake about this,
This is the time to be alive,
As you breath,
This is the time to be alive.
And for what it’s worth,
The circle is expanding.
All things are part of the great dream.

For what it’s worth,
This is a time of great beauty and great joy.
And yet is a time of potential great unbalance
Steady yourselves, rise above.

Be set.

This is a time of great wonder.

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