Love of a Land Far Away: Recordings 1989​-​92 - Volume 2

by Nicholas Breeze Wood

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released August 5, 2014

Recorded between 1989 and 1992, on a simple 4-track cassette ports-studio.

All pieces arranged and performed by Nicholas Breeze Wood

Nicholas Breeze Wood:
medieval lute • medieval plucked psaltery • medieval harp • mandola • guitarra morisca • sinfonye • gusla • gittern • medieval tabor and long drum • timbrel • bells • tambourines and frame drums • six hole pipes, recorders and bagpipe chanter

All pieces written by Nicholas Wood, except:

Douse Dame Jolie (Guillaume De Machuat C14th C)
La Tierche Estampie Real (anon French 13th C)
Beginning Now (Words: Nicholas Breeze Wood Music - A chanter M’er by La Comptessa d’ Die C13th )


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Nicholas Breeze Wood UK

Multi instrumentalist singer-songwriter drawing on rock, Arabic and Medieval music, using instruments from all those traditions

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Track Name: Shall We Dance?
Since we dance?
Since the dance is eternal,
Since the song is eternal,
Shall we dance?

Shall we sing?
Since the song is eternal.
Since the breath is eternal.
Shall we Sing?

Shall we breath?
Since the breath is eternal,
Since the love is eternal.
Shall we breath?

Shall we love?
Since the love is eternal,
Since the dance is eternal.
Shall we love?
Track Name: Forebears
Hear me
This my friends is a sacred ground.
All our forebears lived
And walked here once.
In trust they aimed to live
The life they choice,
Held up higher
By their own dead and gone.

Passing on in trust once more to their young,
Sacred Earth from which they had sprung.
Standing on the shoulders of the dead before them,
The young see further than those gone before.

Hear me,
This my friends is a sacred ground.
Given to us in trust to pass on once more.
Our children one day
Will pass it on in there turn,
To those who next will
Come in line to this Earth.

We are a Link in this whole chain of lives,
Building upwards, each to gain a view.
Your actions go before you always bear that well.
We will all be forebears soon,
That much is true.

I haven’t messed much with the past,
I haven’t messed much with the present,
But I have messed with the future,
As the past has messed with me.
Track Name: Two Bridges
Remember the evening
We walked by the river
Down by two Bridges
On the outskirts of town
The night was so special
And your presence so holy
When I looked at the moon
I felt I might drown

And it felt like life was in it's garden
An it's garden was all of the world

Walking with children
In our days of first meeting
And september mornings
Struggling with words
Wind blowing candles
And rain in the heavens
But nothing could make us
Give up what we'd leaned

And it felt like life was in it's garden
An it's garden was all of the world

And I loved you then
And I love you now
Though plenty of water
By those bridges has past
From the days of wakening
To the days of our slumber
I feel in this garden
Our friendship can last

And I feel like life is in the garden
And the garden is all of the world
And all of the world is in you
All of the world is in you

Then I was younger
It seemed only illusion
Now that I'm older
I know that it's true
Remember the evening
We walked by the river
Down by two bridges
On the outskirts of town
Track Name: Planh
This is a hard ground,
For flowers have died,
And weeds grow in their place,
Now defeat has choked their growth and life.

Nor can I sing of joy,
For bright dawn has turned to storm.
And waste and desolation
Lie in my sight.

There can be no hope of reconciliation,
Now the power of words has failed
There can be no hope of trust growing
It’s flowers are choked
By the weeds of bitterness
All round.

Angels of peace and reconciliation,
Hear me now.
Without you our lives are harsh.
Without comfort or resolution,
Give to us your gift of understanding.
Don’t leave us in darkness,
It is a lonely place,
And where is the beauty in that.
Track Name: So It Is
So it is that I sing no more for joy
For God knows that in my life now, passion has exhausted me
and laughter and tears brings neither comfort or relef
my soirit seeks replenishment, substenance to set it free

And yet it seems no near at hand
The circle is unfolding more
the constently expanding hoop of life
that is forever drawn
Toching both shores here and there
and holding them for ever bound
causing them to ebb and flow and me to journey over the sound

And because of this I know there is no finer peace
Illusion falls from me and she is there, shining brightly
The journey of my life is now drawing to a close
An easiness is coming to the singer and the singer's song

The song between the two lands does run, always to the other side
Like journeys the water takes it's always turning on the tide
The tide will take these words to sea and then return them to the shore
Many things the sea will bear that one day will return once more
Track Name: Beginning Now
I find it hard, To speak of what I really know.
The words and language are not lost,
But they do not easily show.

Beginning now is the time, we need to speak out clear.
The knowledge that is of the heart,
Is so very needed here.

Since all the time to speak is nearly gone
There is no place to simply linger on.
Since all we hold dear is in our hands
Clarity and purpose stand.

Malpractice is so very much abound
The stewardship of the land has lapsed
And chaos is all around.

To sing of hope is not a simple thing
That is for fools and imbecile
Who always look for spring.

I have a friend who speaks of a black night.
A time when darkness will shut out the light
A time of brightness being held at bay
Until the birth of a new day.

Companions there is a need for urgency
There is a need for prayer and action
A need for dream and prophecy

Companions, I sing of other days
I sing of other places and of times
Both close and far away

The world has seen the likes of these before
The past is closed and held behind it’s heavy door
But new doors open up in front I tell
Recomensa, all manner of things shall be well.

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